State policy

Rajasthan government has taken several steps aimed at streamlining the approval processes, promote export and knowledge intensive industries and provide better quality infrastructure. The main objective of these initiatives is to improve the investment and business climate in the state. A number of innovative policies has been announced by the  state government have boosted the investment prospects in the state. Various investment promotion policies currently in force are as follows:




Budget Rajasthan 2016-17


Budget Announcement Bikaner - 2016-17




राजस्‍थान सरकार के दो वर्ष पूर्ण होने पर प्रकाशित प्रचार साहित्‍य


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अभिनव राजस्‍थान  नितिगत निर्णय उपलब्धियां एवं नवाचार

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