Festivals & Fairs

               Celebrate radiant Rajasthan with festivals in Bikaner. Multi-hued customs and enchanting ritualistic practices enamor you into a pleasurable state as you tour the festivals in Bikaner, Rajasthan. A brilliant mosaic of ancient traditions, festivals in Bikaner bring to fore the enchanting past and heartwarming legends associated with religious occasions. See locals performing religious rites and observing traditional customs with devotion and fervor on your tours to festivals in Bikaner.

                    Though the people of Bikaner celebrate several festivals, the ones that warrant a special mention are Gangaur festival, Camel festival and the Kolayat celebrations. Bikaner, the sleepy desert country comes alive with color, gaiety, music, dance, folk performances and joy during festival festivities that enliven the craggy and rustic desert. So come and be a part of chromatic Bikaner that sports bright glittering hues on the fine sand base as you let yourself go with gay abandon at the festivals in Bikaner. The Camel festival is of course the most important among all the festivals celebrated in Bikaner. Be wonderstruck at the enthusiasm of Ghair Ghoomar performers, snake charmers, brightly caparisoned camels and more at the Camel festival that brightens the Bikaner winter.

Camel Festival

Camel Festival

One of the most famous festivals of Bikaner is the Camel Festival which is held every year and is organised by the Tourism Department of the State. It is dedicated to the camels that have to survive in the harsh desert conditions. Since Bikaner is the only camel-breeding region, the festival is celebrated with a lot of zeal.

The festival lasts for two days and starts with the parade of decorated camels. A camel race is also organised during the festival.

The festival also gives the visitors a chance to enjoy sweets and tea made from camel milk.

Karni Mata fair

Festivals & Fairs

In Bikaner district, near Nokha, there is a small town called Deshnok. Karni Mata fair is held twice every year at Deshnok which also houses the Karni Mata temple. The first fair is held in the months of March-April and the second in September-October. Karni Mata, believed to be blessed with superpowers, dedicated her life for the upliftment of the poor of all communities. Her principle followers started following her and worshipping her like God.

Kapil Munni

Festivals & Fairs

There is a place known as Kolayat which is located at a distance of around 51 km from Bikaner city. It is a historical place and is a pilgrimage centre where Kapil Muni shed his body under a fig tree (Peepal). In this region, there are a number of marble temples, pavilions made of sandstone and 52 ghats made around an artificial lake.

There is a temple dedicated to Kapil Muni in Kolayat where an annual fair is organised every year in October-November. Followers of Sankhya community visit the place to take a holy dip in Lake Kapil Sarovar. 

Gangaur Festival

Festivals & Fairs

Gangaur is one of the oldest and the most important festivals of Rajasthan. It is celebrated across all the districts of the State with equal excitement.

Gangaur literally means the union of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Married women pray to Goddess Parvati for the prosperity of their husbands and families while the unmarried women pray to get a good husband in future.

An 18-day festival, Gangaur is celebrated in the Chaitra month (March) every year. According to the Hindu calendar, this month starts the New Year for Hindus. This month also marks the end of winter season and the beginning of summers. 

बीकानेर जिले में आयोजित होने वाले मेलाें की सूची

क्र सं
मेले / त्‍यौहारों के नाम   स्‍थान तिथि
1 जाम्‍भोजी का मेला मुकाम, नोखा भादाें तिथि अमावस एवं आषोज बदी ग्‍यारस
2 रामदेवजी का मेला लूणकरनसर / सुजानदेसर माघ बदी दसवीं
3 करणीमाता का मेला देशनोक फाल्‍गुन सुदी सप्‍तमी
4 नागणेजी की पूजा  बीकानेर   फाल्‍गुन सुदी सप्‍तमी
5 गणगौर मेला बीकानेर चैत्र सुदी तीज व चौथ
6 निर्जला ग्‍यारस का मेला लक्ष्‍मीनाथजी का मन्दिर, बीकानेर जेष्‍ठ सुदी ग्‍यारस
7 तीज का मेला बीकानेर श्रावण सुदी तीज
8 थदडी बीकानेर भाद्रपद सुदी सप्‍तमी  
9 शिवबाडी मेला शिवबाडी, बीकानेर श्रावण सुदी दसवीं
10 ईद का मेला बीकानेर हजरी तिथि के अनुसार
11 उंट उत्‍सव बीकानेर व लाडेरा जनवरी माह 
12 कपिल मुनि देव कोलायत कार्तिक पूर्णिमा
13 जेठा भुटटा पीर गजनेर आश्विन की 8 को  
14 भैंरूजी का मेला कोडमदेसर भादवा सुदी 14
15 जसनाथजी का मेला कतरियासर  
पूनरासर हनुमान मेला  पूनरासर भादवा सुदी